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Thread: Scammer Alert ID: Kiwiqoo

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    Scammer Alert ID: Kiwiqoo

    Kiwiqoo offer me GS guns as gifts in exchange for free kills, Let him waste 30mins of my time for 3 rounds of 160 points death match. His kd is 2000/500+ meaning he has scammed alot of ppl in the SG servers. If possible, pls do something about it GMs. Thanks.

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    You allowed him to do what he wanted, though I'm unsure if you're aware that farming is against the rules in Blackshot. You can be deranked for it, worst case situation, permanently banned.

    Bud, you need to know there is no free stuff in the world. They come in as incredibly-super-duper-uber rare Samaritans. But just take it as no one will actually give you free GS weapons unless you know them in REAL LIFE for a long time.

    Then again, post in Abuse Report section. Not sure if evidence is needed for this, since they can check it in the database.
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    Thread closed due to:

    Wrong section
    Lack of evidence

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