AeroMagtiC is a team where friendship and bondings are always present . We know each other as classmates, hence bringing one another to try challenges which is trying out Competitive Competitions for Blackshot. We are made up with a total strength of 8 Competitive Blackshot players and maybe more in the future.
Members :

exigenT /vyCe (Clan Master)
FexiLoN (TeamLeader)
AcyDeucy (Assistant Leader)


Blackshot Competitive Competiton Participated :

~ [SG] [Bf.Nut] Boot Camp (3v3 TDM) ~


Knocked out at the 2nd round to 1stTimePlaying


Knocked out at the first round to Ixion.gamer

How AeroMagtiC was formed ?

Some of us started as Competitive players while some of us used to be cashers. Slowly , one by one were recruited into Xenocrysts. When all 8 of us were in Xenocrysts, the cashy ones started training as compy players. We had trainings , teaching one another until FexiLoN decided to make a team . It took a few days to discuss in forming this team. We had trouble choosing our team names and many other things. Until AcyDeucy and exigenT step in and help us. AcyDeucy is the one who came up the team name AeroMagtiC while exigenT is the one who created the clan AeroMagtiC for us to train in clanwars . Surprisingly, we manage to build up our teamworks and tactics as a team but still training more .

AeroMagtiC goals

AeroMagtic aims to expose ourself in Blackshot Competitions . AeroMagtiC also aims to fight for the place as Champion in every competitions we are competing in.