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Thread: Break 'D Crate (Play & Win) - 21st March to 14th April

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    hi GM plz but hacker [IMG][/IMG]

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    i play long time already and when i log in , there is no bullet inside WTF T_T...
    everyday i play over 1 hour i think i should be 6 bullet + - inside...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grn_kamisa
    Who are you?
    BB Code Error

    IGN :I'm not playing for the moment
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    oo -,- why man why!!

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    Hi GM , I cant select different crate for the roulette as the spin wheel have block the selection of the crate,
    I can only spin the wooden crate (2 bullet). pls assist me in the above as i would like to spend my remaining 18 bullets on a stone and metal crate,


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    Sad Lo

    Sadly i play using my second account and i unable to redeem/get any bullet from it,because it seem to be appear only can redeem if we playing our first account. It just a waste when i using my second caracter to play,and it ops... no bullet for u to redeem..ermm

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    Hye GM,
    Many waller now,
    Mahu main pon xde senang
    Harap GM tahu nk wat apa k
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    I was asking before what date will the roullette be finish, but no reply... cause i have 12 bullets before then i plyed the roulette and got huah for 7days after the 14th i have 13 bullet still. My huah expired today and try to play roulette again but it says, the event is finish! jeez!!

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