Hi Shooters,

Now that you have collected your bullets, starting (14th Feb.) at 12:00 AM (GMT+8), you can start to "Roulette"!

*Calendar and screenshots are just for reference.

Here's how:

1. Login your Garena/Blackshot Account on http://angbao.blackshot.garena.com.

*Beware of scam/hack sites, make sure you are logging-in the correct site.

2. Click on the "Roulette" button beside "Redeem".

3. Select the Ang Bao that you would like to roulette. Click "Play".

4. Click on "Start Roulette" to start the Roulette.

5. Once it is done, it would show you your prize!

6. You may "Spin Again" if you still have enough bullets or "Back" if you would like to choose a different Ang Bao.

7. Please do not forget to logout.

Weapons/Prizes would be credited on 15th February (Friday) after the Server Maintenance.

For any questions/concerns, you may post it here.

Thank you for participating!