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Thread: Blackshot Season 2 - all you need to know about Blackshot Season 2

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    Blackshot Season 2 - all you need to know about Blackshot Season 2

    Hi Shooters,

    As many of you know, we have announced here in our forums and on Facebook that we would be releasing Blackshot Season 2 this coming 31st October, 2012. However, due to the recent hotfixes (Anti-Hack Solution Patches) that we have released, these caused the Blackshot Team, as well as our Developers' development schedule to be pushed back. These leaves us no choice but to delay the release of Blackshot Season 2 tentatively to the last week of November, 2012. 1st quarter of 2013.

    As much as we want to release it, our top priority goes to resolving the hack tool concerns above anything else.

    As for now, we'll do our best to answer all your concerns/questions regarding Blackshot Season 2 with all the facts and information given to us by the Developers. Please be informed also that we'll be having a Halloween Patch this coming week, so standby for more details.

    We appreciate your understanding and your satisfaction is always our top priority. We do apologize for the inconvenience that these may have cause.

    Thank you.

    Over and Out,
    Blackshot Team

    *Unrelated posts/questions would be moved/deleted.

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    FAQs on Blackshot Season 2:

    1. What is Blackshot Season 2?
    Answer: Blackshot Season 2 is a major patch that contains improved User-Interface (UI) Update and Character-Interface Update. Basically, the User-Interface (Server, Channel, Lobby, Shop, Inventory, Gachapon, etc..) would all be improved as well as the 4 default Characters (Travis, Vanessa, Adam & Cathy).

    2. Do we need to reinstall Blackshot once Season 2 is available?
    Answer: No. Since it's a major patch, the patch would be available via auto update or via manual patch.

    3. Do we need to create a new account/character or migrate our character on Blackshot Season 2?
    Answer: No. All details would be retained and nothing would change on your account/character information.

    4. Who are the Characters in Blackshot Season 2?
    Answer: Travis, Vanessa and Adam would remain. However, Cathy would be replaced by the new character Crystal.

    5. How does the new default characters looks like?
    Answer: We have posted their appearances on our Facebook Page as well us on our Wallpaper section on our Blackshot website.

    6. Will there be any changes on Isabelle, US Marine, Sniper Mantis, Germany Army and US Airbourne?
    Answer: None. If there is, it would only be very minimal like the hitboxes to be the same and equal as the 4 default characters.

    7. Will there be any new maps on Blackshot Season 2 or after Blackshot Season 2?
    Answer: Of course! We'll try our best to release new maps as frequent as possible.

    8. Will there be a new game mode?
    Answer: Not anytime soon as we've only released the Unlimited Battle Arena (UBA) game mode. A new game mode takes a lot of time to be developed.

    9. Will the suit of the default characters change or be deleted?
    Answer: It's not going to be deleted. In case it would be changed, we would either replace it a new/old suit or give you a refund in case. Either way, we won't just take it away from you or delete it.

    10. Will the prices of BP/GS Weapons change on Season 2?
    Answer: Not for now. Prices will remain from Season 1 to Season 2. But we'll have more promotions/sales very soon.

    11. Will there be no hacks in Season 2?
    Answer: We can never say. Hacks do come and go. Rest assured that we'll never stop coming up with solutions for it.

    12. What if i'm using Cathy, will my character change to Crystal on Season 2?
    Answer: Yes. It will change to Crystal on Season 2.

    13. What would happen to the Change Skin Color? Will we get any compensation on it?
    Answer: Face Camo items, Face Flag items & Change Skin Color item won't be available on Season 2. As we've mentioned, we would give out compensation to those who still have the items on their Inventory.

    14. How about my 10,000 days of weapon? Will i be able to bring it over to Season 2?
    Answer: Yes. May it be 1 day or 10,000 days, it would be carried over to Season 2. Nothing will change.

    15. Why is the new Travis ugly?
    Answer: We'll be posting a new view of Travis without the Helmet. He looks better in-game actually.

    16. Will the default weapon stay the same?
    Answer: Yes, the default weapon will remain and stay the same.

    17. How can we change from Vanessa to Crystal or Adam to Crystal?
    Answer: Simple. Use Character Change Item.

    18. Will the Character Change Item be available on Season 2? Will it be free?
    Answer: Yes, it would still be available on Shop. Unfortunately, it is not for free.

    19. What would happen to my pink coloured character skin?
    Answer: It would go back to the default/original character colour.

    20. Will there be more Unlimited Battle Arena (UBA) map released soon?
    Answer: Yes. More UBA maps would be released soon.

    21. Will Nina be released on Season 2?
    Answer: Not anytime soon, but she would definitely be back to Blackshot.

    22. After Season 2, would there be any free weapons or items?
    Answer: It won't change. We always do give out items as of the moment.

    23. Will my 10,000 Fortune Cookies and 15,000 Gift Boxes be deleted on Season 2? How about my 999,999 Days of Isabelle and my 100,000 GS?
    Answer: No. As mentioned, all your items will remain the same except for the Face Camo items, Face Flag items & Change Skin Color item.

    24. Will the gun stats change on Season 2?
    Answer: No. All will remain the same.

    25. Will the new characters be classified to be speed and defense type? Will the hitboxes change?
    Answer: To be confirmed. The hitbox would all be improved as it is included on the Character-Interface renewal.

    26. Will the System Requirements change?
    Answer: To be confirmed. In case it would change, it would only be minimal.

    27. Will our Mastery stay the same.
    Answer: Yes.

    28. Will we be able to use special characters (~!@#$%^&*()-_) for our Character Names?
    Answer: Unfortunately no. Special characters for characters names is not allowed.

    29. Will there be more ranks in Season 2?
    Answer: For now, it would remain the same (up to Commander-in-Chief).

    *last updated 8th November, 2012

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    Will Isabelle be changed or will it remain the same? In terms of size.
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    No new maps ? At least release some new map for us to play lah. old map boring liao,an put some new bp guns thnk !

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    map?? mode???

    Will we have new map and new mode??????

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    No isabelle , just 4 default character like the previous time ago . How nice it's

    Question :
    4default character suit will be deleted ( Gs/Bp suit )


    Hit This Link !!

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    Awesome! Default characters only
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    will the x'mas costume(Santa) parts will be remove also?. .i have 700+ days left ._.

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    Characters in blackshot 2

    Will isabelle, snipe mantis and marine characters be removed ? or will they stay the same

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    Will prices of any item change ? both bp and gs

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