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Thread: Headliners

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    Is there a list of headliners who don't use sub zero/ adv. dom? If not can someone list down some friendly ones who're friendly enuf to share tips...

    -I knw there's some forumers who have shared tips, but I still wanna know like top 10 headliners who don't rely on cash...

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    From Whoever i Had Experience Here are Top 5 . [ Not In Order ]
    1.ToretoO From RG[M] = RigorMortis
    2. Kagura
    3. Xc___Salmanstar
    4. Forgotten~
    5. Forgotten~

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    Kagura use sub0 - Confirmed.
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    Sub0 doesn't make any difference to him. He still headlines any other day

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    suling7, how confirm are you? let me know anytime when theocracy is ready to play a lan session with HR anytime using only BP gear with compy rules.

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    Quote Originally Posted by suling7
    Kagura use sub0 - Confirmed.
    LOL KAGURA USE SUB0! LOL LOL LOL LOL. Better quote this first before any editting.

    Theocracy, with ur isa/bar/hsg/adv dom/sub 0/t1/fast respawn and u feel that kagura is using sub0, i dunno if thats a compliment within a compliment.. complimentception..
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    Quote Originally Posted by suling7
    Kagura use sub0 - Confirmed.
    To say that some macabre/Theocracy members uses isa is CONFIRMED because we saw it with our own eyes. Did you see kagura using sub0 with ur own eyes?
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    Theocracy without cash only bp items against us? srsly dun waste time la, u all wan lose until no face meh... continue to hide behind yr cash items i suggest...lolz

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    Quote Originally Posted by suling7
    Kagura use sub0 - Confirmed.
    maybe khrin has played with kagura before and when khrin spams the p90j and doesnt see kagura shake, khrin might think kagura is using sub0.

    dont drag this off topic.
    imo, some tlempo and bf.nut guys are pretty good headliners.
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    Major fact that alot of people nowadays are pro because they watch some good Blackshot Montages and follow/copy their style of play.Espescially Kagura's montages.
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