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Thread: Blackshot at Garena Plus says ''Install Black Shot''

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    Blackshot at Garena Plus says ''Install Black Shot''

    Blackshot at Garena Plus says ''Install Black Shot''. Why would it said that because I just Installed and played it. When I'm logging out and use the other account, it start to say ''Install Black Shot''. Need someone help!

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    Hi hoverzap, you mean that when you open up your Garena Plus, it asks you to install Blackshot again?

    If so, please check if the file "BlackShot.exe" exist in these folders:

    PHP Code:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Garena Plus\Apps\BlackShot\BlackShot\system 

    PHP Code:
    C:\Program Files\Garena Plus\Apps\BlackShot\BlackShot\system 

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