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Thread: Welcome Package !

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    Welcome Package !

    How to get welcome home package !!!

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    Quoted from
    Welcome Home Reward
    Haven't logged in for a while now? Or perhaps you have a personal friend who has stopped playing? Now's the time to get him/her back! If you/her or him haven't not logged into Blackshot for MORE THAN a month, well, just login now and play for ONE hour, and you will receive the Welcome Home Package. This package contains items/weapons that will last for 7 days and each player can only receive it once.

    ~Hope it helps.

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    i already finished 1 hour play game so where's my package

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    Quit one month; join back and play one hour. check premium storage.
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    Quote Originally Posted by m33n
    How to get welcome home package !!!
    Is the welcome home package still have? or is the package expire?

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    Is the welcome home package still have?or the package had expired?

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    It is still avaliable. It also does not expire if u do not use it.

    Inside there's tatic package 1 and 2, 50k bp, additional combo and some weird fortune cookie thingy x5

    Contary to the link, i dont see any items/weapons inside the welcome home package
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    Quote Originally Posted by epicfailure999
    Is the welcome home package still have?or the package had expired?
    Please read.
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    Yep you wont get weaps from the package but u can get weaps from the fortune cookies

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    I've opened 2 fortune cookies, both of them is Dragunov black 3 days X2. how to send them out to someone? i dont really want to use this dargunov. its a waste. lulz

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