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Thread: How to be a GM in BLACKSHOT ?

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    How to be a GM in BLACKSHOT ?

    Hi! I am Aniq, my profile name is AnickHackerz but I"m not really hacker because I'm only for funny to took the name.

    Dear GM,
    I'm want to be a Blackshot Game Master!

    Hye all GM! I want to teach you, how to be a GM of Blackshot? I've been sent the request for the join GameMaster clan and GenomeMuntant clan, but GM did not accept. I now the GM did not accept because I'm not a GM. But I'm dream I be a GM then, I can't die even once, This state I'm really to be a GM. I convey any ill will not be in clan GM. So please UNDERSTANDING me! I hope you're GM_Monsters the master in Blackshot.

    -THE END

    -SIGNING= Aniq

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    hope understanding guys,

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    Epic fail.

    1. You talk gibberish, which is not something found in a GM.

    2. GM-calibre don't beg.

    3. You sound like you are on drugs.

    4. Try again.

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    Seriously? Wow..... Let me teach you the first step to becoming a GM................

    1. Learn proper English, vocabulary, grammer....

    Congrats if you pass step 1, if not, sign up to be a beggars manager!

    Sent from my avatar character.

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    thanx guys!!!

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    hope this can help me to be a GM!!!! ^^

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    Press CTRL + W for instant GM.
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    Your english sux! And your 1st test fail.
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    Wait, what?!


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    1. GM is a job with req of 25 yr old.
    2. GM dont beg
    3. No GMs would anyhow accept peabrains to their clan.
    4. GMs are now NOT hiring any under age kiddos.
    5. ROFLMAO, epic fail ts
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