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Thread: Recent cases of accounts being hacked

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    Recent cases of accounts being hacked

    GMs, why are there so many recent cases of ppl account being hacked? like junliang21's case. Im afraid i will be affected too. Will i be affected too?

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    To be really honest, there are many easy ways to get hacked.

    1) Visiting "contaminated" websites that download keyloggers into your computer. And the hackers happen to be Blackshot players. This includes links that promises free GS, or whatsoever GS generator crap
    2) Using of hacks. This may not just be Blackshot hacks, and again, the hackers might have been Blackshot players
    3) Using their Garena accounts on a public shared computer. Someone may have installed keyloggers
    4) Sharing of accounts with friends
    5) Falling for "I'm a GM, gimme your user and pass" scams

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    As stated by duckprincey, those are some of the reasons. It is nearly impossible for anyone to just hack into your computer to steal your password just like that.

    Usage of 3rd party programs is almost always the main cause.
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    And also beware of some random people that whisper you "Hey , Do you wan hack?"

    Best to ignore it as well

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    101 Ways of Getting your Account Hacked (Minus 97)

    - Sharing your Account Information (Through Scam Attempts, 'Free GS' Websites e.t.c.)
    - Visiting Malicious Websites
    - Usage of 3rd Party Software
    - Viruses (Trojan Horse Agents, Key-Loggers e.t.c.)

    101 Ways of Keeping your Account Safe (Minus 93)

    - DO NOT give out your Garena/ BlackShot Login ID and Password to other
    - Game Masters (GM), Game Advisor (GA), Operatives (OP) and Specialists
    (SP) WILL NEVER ask for your Account Password.
    Change your Account Password regularly (E.g. Once every two month).

    - Do a Full PC Scan every week

    - Clean your Internet Cache every week. Recommended program: CCleaner

    - DO NOT click on suspicious links while browsing the Internet. Some
    websites, known as Malicious Websites, will launch Trojan Horse Attacks
    at your System if you load the webpage
    Try not to use the “Remember Password” Function

    - If someone asks for your Account Information, say “No”, take a screenshot
    of the chat and report the player in the Abuse Report Channel.

    Also, hacking of accounts is against the BlackShot Abuse Policy and offenders will be severely dealt with accordingly if evidence is produced

    4.10 Account Hacking (Major Offense)
    Account hacking is accessing another characters account in order
    to use/sell items/GS, delete the character, or obtain personal
    information about the character or about the player himself.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gemaria.wrath
    And also beware of some random people that whisper you "Hey , Do you wan hack?"

    Best to ignore it as well
    No. You should take a screenshot and post it under the Abuse Section report.

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    crap i scared i get affacted cause i just gave my acc user and pass to a website.

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    i dont want people to hack my account so protct my account

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    Kindly do not bump up old threads. Make your own.

    It is your responsibility to protect your own account and not the GMs.

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