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Thread: change password

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    change password

    can any 1 help me out 1 philip players hacked my id and he want gs i give gs on his account and he give me my acount back bt he change my password ...... can any 1 tell me how can i change that 51 words password in short

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    can u give me GS too? i need some xD
    check out this link :
    but seriously gift me some GS weapons!!!
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    Hello rajank

    Refer to this thread:
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    u shouldnt give ID and password to any1
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    Killhim! !!!!

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    Plsss...............I need help.........Someone buy m24 at my ID and my BP went down..............Give me GS to change password

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    Hi JGunz,

    It seems that you need to change your password and you can simply get one by following this steps:

    You may self-help resetting your password ( if you have a valid email address registered with Garena. Alternatively, you may email the following information to to request for manual password reset:

    1. Your Garena user name;
    2. A valid email address that you would like to link to Garena account;
    3. A screenshot of payment transaction (e.g. a screenshot from Paypal system, a screenshot of Garena shell top up confirmation email);
    For security reasons, our customer service officer will reset password only upon receiving sufficient proof of account ownership.

    Furthermore, you do NOT need Garena Shells to change your password and please avoid "hijacking" other threads, create a new thread regarding your concern.

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    changepassword laaa...

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