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Thread: [SOLVED] Runtime Error With Launcher

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    [SOLVED] Runtime Error With Launcher

    Hi, i've just downloaded the game client without the garena messenger. Installed and tried to run and it says:
    Runtime Error!

    Program: K:\BlackShot\BlackShot\launcher.exe

    This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unsual way.
    Please contact the application's support team for more information.

    Things i've tried:
    Reinstalling the runtime library but it din't fix it so,
    I've also replaced the launcher with this one:
    Download latest launcher (1.85MB)
    (Since 2010-Nov-25)
    from the manual patch page.

    But a different problem occurs. It says "Unable to decompress file" when i try to log in. It can launch this time but i cant login.

    I opened up the log and it says:
    Feb 09 19:01:33 info AuthLoginManager.cpp AuthLoginManager::Run[43]: Auth login started.
    Feb 09 19:01:35 info AuthLoginManager.cpp AuthLoginManager::Run[53]: Auth login succeed with 1 times.
    Feb 09 19:01:35 info UpdateChecker.cpp UpdateChecker::CheckUpdate[20]: Reading current version...
    Feb 09 19:01:36 info UpdateChecker.cpp UpdateChecker::CheckUpdate[56]: Newer version available.
    Feb 09 19:01:36 info GameUpdate.cpp GameUpdate::RunUpdate[58]: Preparing to download
    Feb 09 19:01:36 info GameUpdate.cpp GameUpdate::RunUpdate[77]: Decompressing
    Feb 09 19:01:36 error GameUpdate.cpp GameUpdate:ecompress[131]: OpenZip error.
    Feb 09 19:01:37 info GameUpdate.cpp GameUpdate::RunUpdate[82]: Failed to decompress
    Feb 09 19:01:39 info GameUpdate.cpp GameUpdate::RunUpdate[120]: Update was incomplete or cancelled by user.

    It seems that i can't open the

    Please help me!

    My system specs is:
    Intel Dual core 2.2 GHz
    Nvidia 8400M GS with latest driver
    OS windows 7 64-bit
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    Hi diskbomber, please reinstall Blackshot by following instructions [1.1] from this guide.
    Please do not PM me for Tech problems.
    Post them in the Technical Support Section of the forum

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    Thanks. I'll uninstall and clean it right away and install it again. If cannot, i will download it again because it takes ages to download it with my streamyx connection.

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    Thank god, the game works only if i download the Blackshot with garena messenger.

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