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Thread: For those reporting hackers. PLEASE READ!!!

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    For those reporting hackers. PLEASE READ!!!

    I have been noticing that people have started posting their reports in SG communities and wrong sections.
    Please do not have the mentality that posting in Singapore sections will get our attention.
    Fact we will just move them to the abuse section and will not read them and put them at the back of the abuse reports and wil lread them once we have cleared everything
    Our GMs , Mods and AMs check the Abuse section daily and are constantly updated with informations.
    As you know, there are plenty of reports and we have to process each and everyone carefully.
    Its just like going to a criminal trial and you dont give the sentence instantly right?
    We have to cross reference with evidence in order to prove that the person is 100% guilty

    We would like to assure you that we treat each report seriously and will give out the appropriate punishments.

    Quote Originally Posted by GM_Hitokiri
    Hi all, here are some general guidelines that we've come up with and will edit from time to time.

    General guide when handling Blackshot hackers

    This is written as a guideline for GMs when dealing with people who hacked, and they do not need to follow this guide to the letter. Punishment meted out is to be strictly followed, however.

    Rank hacks (EXP/ BP & Mastery)
    The most common type of hack is the EXP/BP hack

    1) When an EXP/ BP hacker is found/ reported, GM will look into the hacker's details.
    2) Once evidence is found, the next course of action will be to determine how much the person has abused the hack.
    3) If inconclusive evidence is found (e.g. only one case every 100 or so games), no action will be taken against him/her.
    4) If player is found guilty, player will either be banned/ de-ranked to an appropriate level.

    Grenade hacks
    Abusing the grenade hack in public games

    1) Evidence is normally posted on forums by players in the affected rooms (screenshots or videos).
    2) Once GMs confirm that there is conclusive evidence of hacking, the offending player will be banned immediately to prevent further abuse.
    3) Such abusers generally ruin the game for everyone, thus the harsher punishment.

    Wall/ Speed hacks
    Second most common type of hack, generally used by people who lack actual skill

    1) Evidence provided is normally in the form of in-game screenshots and videos.
    2) Wall hacking is unfortunately, the most difficult to catch and will be left to the GMs to do back end checking.
    3) These hacks also mean instant ban as it affects the game for all.

    Rule of thumb

    Players should always be given the benefit of the doubt until conclusive evidence is found/ provided. They are innocent unless charged, so treat players who report getting banned when they are clean with respect.

    When proven guilty, it is up to the GMs to post evidence on forums or email the offenders directly.

    Three levels of punishment

    1. First time offenders: BP reduced to 0
    De-ranked to Recruit
    BP Guns removed

    2. Second time offenders: BP reduced to 0
    De-ranked to Recruit
    BP/GS Guns removed
    Garena account banned (Requires Garena unban appeal card)

    3. Third time offenders: BP reduced to 0
    De-ranked to Recruit
    BP/GS Guns removed
    Permanent ban from Blackshot

    So please,please please please post these reports here
    yes let me say this again
    The abuse section exists for a reason, so please use it well.
    Same as for the rest of the sections like Technical Support and the others
    And keep up the good work in helping our community clean

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    Quote Originally Posted by LeongKeng
    GMs, I know i hack my mastery and kd. I know its wrong to hack and Im sorry for that. Its ok to deranked my mastery all to rookie 4th and my kd to 0%, however the bp i have i had never hacked it before. I got 2 ang baos when i gacapon during the chinese new year, which is 888,888bp 2 times. Please can i have my BP back? Im really sorry for hacking.

    The punishments are non-appealable but if you're feeling lucky go post at the customer support section not here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by P|c0094FF94each
    When receiving a notice about a GS Reward during gaming, is it a fraud?

    Kindly read GM_Hitokiri thread about this under Chit chat. Don't go off topic.

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    Ermm , Hello ? I had an acc called MrUniversal . Rank : Sergon major . Kd : 48%+ . It had been hacked for at least 3 months . Please give me feedback to my email : . So i will be able to verify my acc and get my acc back ?

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    oh ok , i see ._.

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    never will i hack because i dun even know the hacking website and i hate hacking, play fair for entertaiment not hack

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    my acc just got hacked what do i do??

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    @ iimonkie. Create a new thread under the customer support section and provide relavant information.
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    Hacking, Glitching is NOT cool.

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    Quote Originally Posted by iimonkie
    my acc just got hacked what do i do??
    Read my signature.. click on the link provided and follow the steps

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